ASP Project On Digital Eye Ad Designer Services

ASP Project On Digital Eye Ad Designer Services


Computerized Eye Ad Designer Service is a General Template to which creates an HTML Code for particular regions of the locales where the promotions must be distributed.The produced code can specifically be glued to the site where the promotion must be facilitated. Computerized Eye Ad Designer Service likewise keeps up data with respect to the accompanying:

• Accounts – of the clients of this Application.

• Advertisers Info – Details of the promoters.

• Banners – Currently facilitated pennants, alongside their zones, positions, Weight, Clicks so far and so forth.

• Ad Positions – The as of now procured positions on sites where promotion facilitating should be possible.

• Zones – Zones in which the advertisements can be set on Web Sited.

• Generate HTML Code – It creates HTML code contingent upon various details provided.

• Click Log – Maintains log about the no of times the promotion is clicked by the watcher alongside the IP address of the watcher.

The application Digital Eye Ad Designer Service additionally gives the coordinate survey of the facilitated pennants, Start Date, End Date, Exposures, Banner Clicks, cost every day and Ratios and so forth. Alongside this, it additionally gives arrangements to make new zones, new promotion positions on sites.


• There is no security for promotions data.

• To transfer promotions data by manual approach.

• It doesn’t give costs insights about the promotions.

• User Manually Go to Ads Office And Post the Ads.

• It is Time Consuming Process.

• It has Lot of Cost to Post the Ads.


• Its give security to promotions data.

• It keeps up the how frequently can be seen the promotions data alongside IP address.

• In this transfer the advertisements straightforwardly by the site.

• It additionally keeps up where the promotions can be posted.

• In this framework client taps on advertisements, cost’s subtle elements can be seen.

• It is an Online Application.

• User Need not go to Ads Office. Straightforwardly From the web, we can post the Ads.

• It Saves Lot of time.

• It diminishes Lot of Costs.


The application involves the accompanying real modules.

• Administrator

• Agency


Content Description

HDD 20 GB Min

40 GB Recommended

RAM 1 GB Min

2 GB Recommended


Content Description

OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista

Database MS-SQL server 2005

Technologies ASP.NET with C#.NET

IDE MS-Visual Studio.Net 2008

Browser IE.


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