ASP Project On Personal Identity Mangement System

ASP Project On Personal Identity Mangement System


Individual Identity Management’ gives the data about the native in any nation. A Citizen has one of a kind Id to discover the individual data in every last division or administration wherever a national go. On the off chance that any nation needs to use the administrations or utilities by the Government or Private associations, he needs to go to every last office with various Id for that specific office.In Personal Identity Management, the native will play out all exchanges basing on id. He/she play out the exchanges like saving money, Electricity, Banking, Insurance, Tax, Provident Fund, Telephone, Gas, Movies, Municipality, Credit rating and so forth. FICO assessment tells the conduct of the individual whether resident’s character is great or awful.

In Personal Identity Management site which is utilized to store Personal data like passwords, charge card data and critical reports. Just approved or enlisted clients can login to the framework and they can store the information. Something likes an individual information vault. These days to get to any site we need to give client name and secret word, for recollecting diverse locales our own usernames and passwords are exceptionally hard to recall every one of those and we may overlook parcel of times these certifications.

At that point, we need to enlist by and by with new login id or we need to recoup our past secret word. For maintaining a strategic distance from these sorts of issues we have actualized another application where this webpage gives arrangement, If we overlook our usernames or passwords in future we have an opportunity to gather the client name and passwords from this site application. This task was created in visual studio 2008 device and Microsoft.Net is the front end programming dialect, SQL Server 2005 is the back end to store the individual points of interest of various clients.


• It is manual.

• Time Consuming Process.

• The common client can’t collaborate.

• Mismanagement.


The advancement of this new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which attempt to mechanize the whole procedure keeping in the perspective of database reconciliation approach.

• Avoid blunder (confirm clients profiles, enrollment of all workers)

• We can keep up all sort of clients’ points of interest legitimately.

• Rich UI.

• All Transactions are performed extremely well


• Users Registration Modules.

• Personal Information Module.

• Insurance Module.

• Taxation Module.

• Banking.

• Telephone.

• Electricity.


1. Administrator

2. Customer


Client Activity:


In this module, before utilizing this application client enroll in this framework by giving the self-points of interest like Username, Password, Mobile Number, and Email. Module enlistment is the procedure through which client join to modules of the shutdown. The client must finish module enrollment or they won’t enter into this application.


This module contains the individual data like name, id, address and so on., of the subject. On the off chance that chairman needs to see the individual points of interest of the resident executive can check the individual data module.


This module gives the sum guaranteed and with respect to its portions. Basing on national id the protection points of interest can be shown. In the event that the subject needs to influence an arrangement in the protection, then national to can make it by his native id.

Tax collection

This module gives the data with respect to the duty paid and expense to be paid. On the off chance that Administrator needs to think about the specific subject points of interest whether he/she paid the assessment or not then the executive can check it basing on id.

Managing an account

This module permits all managing account exchanges. Resident can make any bank exchanges basing on native id. Banks like SBI, ICICI, Andhra bank and so on., all the managing an account exchanges should be possible with native id.


This module gives data about the phone charge installments. It gives the data about the STD calls/ISD calls and their charges of specific native id.


This module gives data about power charge installments what not. It gives the data like the number of units and past no of units and the charge for that bill basing on the id of specific national.


In this task, administrator assume a critical part? Chairman is having consents to support the national; he will dole out a few duties to the Citizen. He will create Phone bill for a resident. He will confirm the resident installment bills. In this venture, the executive will look through the specific native in view of Citizen ID.


• Operating System: Windows XP/later forms

• Programming Language: C#

• Web Applications: Asp.Net

• IDE/ Workbench: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

• Database: SQL Server 2005


• Processor: Pentium IV

• Hard Disk: 40GB

• RAM: at least 512mb

• Input Device Mouse: Standard Keyboard and Mouse

• Output Device: VGA and High-Resolution Monitor

DOWNLOAD: Personal Identity Mangement System


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