ASP Project On Satellite Information System

ASP Project On Satellite Information System


This data administration framework contains modules that help the following the status of satellite information items, building structures and reports.SATELLITE INFORMATION SYSTEM: This is thorough programming builds up the total answer for the necessities of individuals taking a shot at satellite data. This application gets the data as pictures from various satellite sources.Data from various satellites, for example, data identified with the climate, security, climatic conditions, course maps and so forth.

SATELLITE INFORMATION SYSTEM takes all the data from every one of the satellites and stores the data in like manner. This application will isolate the information and stores it as needs be, for example, data identified with climate is put away independently and data identified with different classifications are put away as needs are. That put away information is again introduced as various reports basing on the demand given by the client.

This application will store the gigantic information and that data is accessible at the time ask. The client can have the data identified with any day any time of time. Data from the earlier day, month or year can be accessible. Administrator composes the information which comes as an info and client can get to the information in the required measurable report. The client is confined in utilizing the information basing on the consents given by the administrator.

How can it function? It takes the information from various satellites and stores it likewise and that data is overseen by the administrator. The client is going have the data as reports at whatever point it is important. The benefit of this application is every last picture got from the satellite is given a one of a kind id and client can have the data of that specific picture basing on that id.


By and large in NRC the data kept up is done physically. The satellite pictures which are accessible are in vast amount. The quantity of workers is increasing and the utilization of the information is in expansive amount. The information whichever is required by the representative will be taken that data is put away or looked after physically.

There are numerous offices and numerous levels of workers; they should get to the data as per their area of expertise and levels of their assignments. The thing what is there is the data put away is expansive and the data is put away division insightful. The depiction of every single picture needs to store and that must be looked after independently.


• In this framework, pictures are transferred effectively through the site.

• The data are kept up effectively through office insightful.

• It underpins expansive amount pictures are transferred effectively.

• The user can get the information in the required measurable report.


• Admin

• User


This module manages finish data accessible in this application, make the client, giving the authorizations to the client, denying consents to the client or to erase a specific client. Administrator fundamentally manages the data of the satellite pictures.

Every one of the items (Images) which are sent from the satellites are put away in a server; administrator takes every single picture from the server and isolates them. Administrator characterizes every single picture to which division that specific picture has a place with.

In the wake of isolating the pictures or data, administrator includes the depiction of that specific picture and spares the same to the database in an office savvy. The administrator can likewise screen the clients by confining them not to get to the next data which isn’t identified with them. The administrator will have the entire rights of the clients.

The confinement in getting to the data is finished based on the level of the client and that is finished by the administrator. The administrator can make or devastate the client. The administrator makes the client based on the division and level of the client and afterward concedes the consent to the client based on their levels.


Clients need to enlist with the site and after enrollment, he can discover the data About the satellite and he can watch Information from various satellites, for example, data identified with the climate, security, climatic conditions, course maps and so forth.


• Language: C#.NET

• Database: SQL SERVER 2005

• Operating System: Window XP

• Technologies: ASP.NET, ADO.NET

• Web/Application server: Internet Information administrations (IIS)


• Pentium processor: 233 MHZ or above

• RAM Capacity: 512MB

• Hard Disk: 40GB

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