ASP Project On  Vehicle Reservation System For Car


This car lease and online reservation framework are produced to give the accompanying services. A client can save a vehicle online frame anyplace in the world. Each work procedure action is finished by PC implies no need for printed copy.


Spending Car Rental (BRC) association gives car rental administration for both remote and local customers. This association does its everyday work by giving; their support of the customers utilizing physically framework. The association utilizes a manual framework for reserving, renting, enroll and to keep the record of all the rental exercises and client data. the detailed existing framework capacities are recorded as takes after: –

Amid vehicle reservation the clients save a vehicle by making a phone call to the association; else he/she is relied upon to go to the association to make the reservation.

Amid leasing a vehicle the client individual data, installments status and rent understandings are filled in the auto lease assertion form, with a specific end goal to hold lawful contract between the client and association for leasing the vehicle.

The association typical work time plan is from 1:30 am– 6:00 pm; therefore the association gives administrations for ten and half hours daily.

The association makes a general report about the leased vehicles once at the end of the month and creates a report


The extent of this venture is creating an electronic framework for BRC car lead organization only for Bahir-Dar branch. The capacities which cover in this task are we are focusing on making rent vehicle and online save. Clients and in addition the association’s staff will have the capacity to utilize the framework successfully.


The general target of this undertaking is to create the intuitive electronic framework for the car lease association.


Here are some particular destinations that would together enable us to accomplish the in general the task as takes after:

Concentrate the current framework and discover the issue.

Discover the answer for the issue found in the existing framework.

Plan and assemble a specific model of this proposed framework.

Send the framework and keep up it till it fits to the requirements of the association.

The framework must enable the client to enlist for reservation.

The framework might enable the client to see detail portrayal of the specific vehicle.

The framework must inform on a determination of inaccessible vehicles while reservation.

The framework should introduce a possibility for cutting edge inquiry to restrict the vehicle look tospecific classes of vehicles seek. E.g. By Brand, Type, and Model.

The framework must enable the clients to choose particular vehicle utilizing distinctive searchcategory while reservation.

The framework must view the rundown of accessible vehicles amid reservation.

The framework should enable the clients to wipe out reservation utilizing reservationconfirmation number.

The framework should enable the worker to refresh reservation information.

The framework might enable the worker to see reservations made by customers.

The framework should presents data on insurance items and their every day costs, andrequests the client to acknowledge or decay control terms amid reservation.

The framework must have the capacity to give a remarkable reservation compliance number for allsuccessfully dedicated reservations.

The framework must have the capacity to show reservation rundown for effectively committedreservation.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Languages: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005


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