ASP Project On Online Crime Investigation

ASP Project On Online Crime Investigation


Wrongdoing examination framework follows along and keeps up history about every last case in the database which eventually dodges manual and printed material. It depends on decentralized customer server engineering keeping in mind the end goal to encourage autonomous working of all units. Here data streams from bringing down units to higher units and bad habit versa.The venture is based on multi-level engineering. It gives speedy access to information which is fundamental for successful anticipation, control and discovery of wrongdoing. It likewise helps basic leadership and choice help forms.

Wrongdoing examination framework is a keen choice emotionally supportive network that can help human agents via consequently developing conceivable scenarios.Some of the advantages of wrongdoing examination framework to the existing framework are a speedy recovery of information, immense sparing of time, legitimate arrangement and use of labor, cost decrease prompting sparing in expenditure.It empowers the police administration to manage and oversee any occurrence and process related data by giving institutionalized procedures and methods to screen and enhance performance.Using these application individuals can give their objection through on the web. To enlist any kind of objection they have to enroll his own points of interest alongside login subtle elements. When he/she enlists in the application he/she can post their grumblings.


The current framework is a manual procedure. Various records are to be looked after: 1) Complaint Details. 2) Maintain Thieves Information 3) Forward Thieves data to all divisions physically and 4) Maintain Employee Details. The current framework to keep up part of paper pieces of information. At the point when any measurable investigation is to be done, for instance: a correlation of the previous year’s execution with that of the present year, it is additionally a relentless assignment of alluding to many record books, ordering records, and doing the examination work.

Issues with Existing System:

Ø Lot of room is required to store every one of the points of interest of the hoodlums and the grumblings

Ø Data is spread over various record books, which must be physically incorporated to touch base at an answer.

Ø The framework is inclined to human blunders. Identification of blunders is a troublesome undertaking since everything is done physically.

Ø Tracking of blunders to their starting point is troublesome

Ø There is no security to information. Anybody can see through the information concerning the exercises of the Consultancy

Ø Any alteration to the information requires seeking through every one of the records and afterward rolling out the significant improvements.

Ø The procedure is extremely tedious.


Manual preparing of information is exceptionally repetitive and tedious and prompts wrong outcomes, on occasion. So as to defeat these tangles PCs are being utilized broadly in all fields in this way limiting physical work and blunders as it were.

Taking every one of the points of interest associated with automating, the proposed framework “Online Crime Report” coordinates all the manual exercises by connecting them to a solitary head. This System forms the everyday exercises and produces delicate reports that assist the client to get a decent handle of the situation(s) and take choices rapidly and in-time.


Working – System: WindowsXP.

Server Technology: ASP.NET

Code behind: Visual Basic.Net

Back-End: Oracle 8i

Program utilized: Internet Explorer 6.0

Server: IIS (Internet Information Server 6.0)


Processor: Pentium IV processor (800MHz.)

Smash: 512 MB (min)

Hard Disk: 40 GB HDD (min)


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