This undertaking is utilized to shield the auto from mischance or intrude on the look at ness of driving an auto. The figure demonstrates the Functional Diagram of Automatic Clutch and stopping mechanism actualizing by Microcontroller. It’s comprised of Interrupt sensor, controlling unit and primary piece of Microcontroller.

IR sensor is utilized to recognize the intrude on the auto is detected through IR sensor, its called optical sensor. The intrude on detecting yield is send to the Microcontroller. Miniaturized scale controller is a broadly useful gadget and is utilized for control reason utilizing a settled program that is put away in EPROM. The Microcontroller configuration utilizes a significantly more constrained arrangement of the single byte and twofold byte directions that arrangement of the single byte and twofold byte guidelines that are utilized to move information and code from inside memory to ALU.

Small-scale controller peruses the status of information and takes the choice as per the Assembly Language program put away in Microcontroller. The yield from the controller is nourished to a transfer driver, which can be utilized to drive the transfers, because of stimulating, and de empower of transfers. The DC engine is associated with this hand-off is getting On/Off for engine turn forward and invert course to control the grip and brake system. Therefore we can consequently control the grip and brake by utilizing Microcontroller.


 It requires straightforward support cares

 The security framework for the vehicle.

 Checking and cleaning are simple, due to the primary parts are screwed.

 Easy to Handle.

 Low-cost mechanization Project

 Repairing is simple.

 Replacement of parts is simple.


 Initial cost is high.

 Air tank is required for this activity.



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