Point of this venture is to work and control the unmanned gate in the correct way so as to maintain a strategic distance from the mischances in the unmanned crossing. The prepare mishaps because of the nonappearance of human power in the crossing are the real issues looked by the populace. With a specific end goal to beat the mischances because of the above issue

The parts to be associated with this undertaking are PIC controller, IR transmitter, and collector and the control circuit for the railroad crossing door. The IR transmitter and a beneficiary will be set in the specific separation [e.g.10km from the left and right] from the level intersection. Without the prepared landing, the information will get transmitted from the transmitter to the beneficiary around then the door will be in the opened condition.

Amid the development of the preparation from the left to directly through the track the information from the IR transmitter and the beneficiary will get halted around then the flag will be given to the controller which controls the entryway controlled circuit. When the control circuit gets the flag it shuts the level intersection entryway. When the IR collector set on the correct side gets the information from the transmitter put in the meantime the flag will be given to the controller which controls the door controlled circuit. When the controlled circuit flag the door gets opened.

A similar procedure will be rehashed for the prepare flying out from appropriate to left. The main change is the door will open in view of the flag from the correct side set transmitter/collector and entryway will get shut in light of the flag from the left side set transmitter/recipient


 This framework decides the exact position than the manual strategy.

 This framework lessens the assembling lead time.

 This framework disposes of the manual work.

 Highly exact and more productive.

 Compact and snappy reaction.


 Maintenance cost is higher

 The electronic framework may disappointment whenever



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