The point is to outline and build up a control framework based an electronically controlled car rain worked the engine is called “Programmed RAIN OPERATED WIPER”.Rain worked the engine is comprised of conduction sensor (Tough sensor) circuit, Control Unit, wiper engine and glass outline. The sensor is utilized to distinguish the rain or water stream. There is any rain on the class, the sensor detects the rain or stream water and giving the control flag to the wiper engine.


We have delighted in presenting our new undertaking “Programmed RAIN OPERATED WIPER”, which is completely prepared by sensors circuit and wiper engine. It is a veritable task which is completely prepared and intended for Automobile vehicles. This structures a fundamental piece of best quality. This item experienced strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is great.

The Automatic rain worked wiper framework is a complete computerization venture.

This is a period of computerization where it is comprehensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power in all degrees of mechanization. The activity remains a fundamental piece of the framework in spite of the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of motorization is expanded.

Degrees of robotization are of two sorts, viz.

Full robotization.

Semi robotization.

In semi robotization, a mix of manual exertion and mechanical power is required while in full mechanization human cooperation is extremely insignificant.


Mechanization can be accomplished through PCs, hydrodynamics, pneumatics, mechanical technology, and so forth., of these sources, pneumatics shape an appealing medium for minimal effort robotization. Mechanization assumes an imperative part of the vehicle.

These days all the car vehicle is being atomized so as to item the individual. The car vehicle is being atomized for the accompanying reasons.

 To accomplish high well-being

 To diminish labor

 To increment the productivity of the vehicle

 To diminish the work stack

 To diminish the vehicle mischance

 To diminish the weakness of specialists

 To high obligation

 Less Maintenance cost

The significant segments of the “Programmed rain worked wiper” take after

Conductive Sensor

Class edge and Supporting Structure


Wiper Motor and its game plan



The battery supplies the ability to the sensor and rain worked engine. Wiper engine is consequently ON amid the season of precipitation. The senor is settled in the vehicle glass. The conductive (Touch) sensor is utilized as a part of this venture. It detects the precipitation and giving control flag to the control unit. The control unit enacts the wiper engine naturally. This task is called “Sun oriented Powered Automatic rain worked wiper”.


Ease robotization venture.

Free from wear change.

Less power utilization

Working Principle is simple.

The establishment is streamlined in particular.

To stay away from other burnable connections viz.… (Diaphragm) isn’t utilized.

Not so much time but rather more benefit.

Sensor cost is low because of the conductive sensor


 Four wheeler application


1. This circuit isn’t dealing with low rainfall.

2. This framework connected on account of water falling on the class time frame as it were.

3. Addition cost is required to introduce this framework to four wheeler.



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