Civil Project Idea 2018

Best Civil Project List Below:

  1. Civil Project on Earthquake vibration control using modified frame-shear wall
  2. Civil Project on Advanced Earthquake Resistant Techniques
  3. Civil Project on smart materials
  4. Civil Project on Causes Prevention And Repair of Cracks In Building
  5. Civil Project on rehabilitation techniques.
  6. Civil Project on Advanced Pavement Design
  7. Civil Project on sewage treatment plant
  8. Civil Project on the stability of high rise buildings.
  9. Civil Project on Computer Application In Civil Engineering-ANN
  10. Civil Project on watershed management
  11. Civil Project on water resources engineering
  12. Civil Project on Corrosion Mechanism, Prevention & Repair Measures of RCC Structure
  13. Civil Project on Soil Liquefaction
  14. Civil Project on Analysis for seismic retrofitting of buildings
  15. Civil Project on ready mix concrete plants
  16. Civil Project on Advanced Technology in Surveying
  17. Civil Project on Arsenic Removal From Ground Water By Coagulation Process
  18. Civil Project on Concrete Cube Testing – A Neural Network Approach, Using MATLAB 6.0
  19. Civil Project on Bandra-Worli Sea Link(you can do a case study )
  20. Civil Project on Collapse of World Trade Center
  21. Civil Project on Cellular Lightweight Concrete
  22. Civil Project on Bridge Bearings & Stability
  23. Civil Project on Development Of Remote Monitoring System For Civil Engineering
  24. Civil Project on advance construction techniques
  25. Civil Project on the rain roof water-harvesting system
  26. Civil Project on advanced pavement design
  27. Civil Project on mineral admixtures for high-performance concrete
  28. Civil Project on construction safety management
  29. Civil Project on seismic isolation devices
  30. Civil Project on energy dissipation devices for seismic design.
  31. Civil Project on use of polymer composites in bridge rehabilitation
  32. Civil Project on gis, GPS, and its applications
  33. Civil Project on pile foundation
  34. Civil Project on the thermally comfortable passive house for tropical uplands
  35. Civil Project on formwork types & design
  36. Civil Project on value engineering
  37. Civil Project on rectification of building the tilt
  38. Civil Project on the space hotel
  39. Civil Project on green buildings
  40. Civil Project on marine pollution
  41. Civil Project on an intelligent transport system
  42. Civil Project on zero energy buildings.
  43. Civil Project on interlinking of rivers
  44. Civil Project on Improvement of bearing capacity of sandy soil by grouting
  45. Civil Project on Passive solar energy buildings
  46. Civil Project on flexible pavement
  47. Civil Project on glass fiber reinforced concrete
  48. Civil Project on geosynthetics
  49. Civil Project on the failure of foundation due to earthquake
  50. Civil Project on silica fume concrete
  51. Civil Project on reservoir-induced seismicity
  52. Civil Project on retrofitting using FRP laminates
  53. Civil Project on non-destructive testing of concrete
  54. Civil Project on highway safety
  55. Civil Project on fly-ash concrete pavement
  56. Civil Project on ground improvement technique
  57. Civil Project on golden quadrilateral of India
  58. Civil Project on global warming
  59. Civil Project on skyscrapers
  60. Civil Project on eco-friendly housing
  61. Civil Project on disaster management in natural calamities
  62. Civil Project on construction challenges for bridges in the hilly area
  63. Civil Project on analysis of pre-tensioned concrete girders construction
  64. Civil Project on E-waste disposal
  65. Civil Project on Geojute Fabrics – As Soil Stabiliser
  66. Civil Project on Construction Equipment
  67. Civil Project on Offshore Structures.
  68. Civil Project on Air pollution & its control
  69. Civil Project on ductility requirements of earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete building    

RCC Designing Projects :

  1. RCC001- Design and analysis of multi-storied Commercial building
  2. RCC002- Design of residential apartments
  3. RCC003- Design of R.C.C over Head Tank
  4. RCC004- Designing and Planning of Auditorium
  5. RCC005 – Preparation and Scheduling of Commercial Building using PRIMAVERA
  6. RCC006 – Cost and Construction Procedures for Steel and R.C.C Structure
  7. RCC007- Economical Building Design(Low Cost House)
  8. RCC008- Gated Community Planning & Design
  9. RCC009- Mix Design by Different methods
  10. RCC010- Duplex House with solar panels Analysis and Design
  11. RCC011- RMC Plant Construction & Design
  12. RCC012- R.C.C Bridge slab design
  13. RCC013- Flat slabs design
  14. RCC014- Pile foundation design
  15. RCC015- Design of under-reamed pile in black cotton soils
  16. RCC016- Raft foundation design
  17. RCC017- Analysis &Designing of columns with lateral loads (beam-columns)
  18. RCC018- RCC Portal frame design
  19. RCC019- RCC shear wall design
  20. RCC020- Design for torsion in beams
  21. RCC021- Design of pile caps
  22. RCC022- Design of domes
  23. RCC023- Seismic design of joints in Rcc buildings
  24. RCC024- Design of RCC pipes
  25. RCC025- Cantilever Retaining wall design
  26. RCC026- Gravity Dam Design
  27. RCC027- Rcc chimney Design
  28. RCC028- Rcc Culvert Design
  29. RCC029- Rcc truss Design
  30. RCC030- Energy Saving College Block Buildings using Solar Panel
  31. RCC031- Planning and designing of a cinema theatre
  32. RCC032- Design requirements and construction of buildings in seismic zones
  33. RCC033 – A Cost Comparison of Green Building with Conventional Building
  34. RCC034 – Causes and Prevention of Cracks in Building
  35. RCC035 – Prefabricated and R.C.C Structure
  36. RCC036 – Comparative Behavior of RC Frame with Brick Masonry Square Panel under IS 456:2000 and IS 13920:1983 recommendations

Steel Designing Projects:

  1. SD001- Steel bridge girders analysis and design
  2. SD002- Steel water tank design and analysis
  3. SD003- Steel T.V towers design
  4. SD004- Steel grillage foundation design
  5. SD005- Design of Industrial roofs
  6. SD006- Design of steel railway truss girder bridge
  7. SD007- Fabrication of Hydraulic Pallet Truck
  8. SD008- Fabrication of Hydraulic sensing cutting machine

Prestressed concrete structures design:

  1. PCS001- Prestressed concrete slab design (PT slab)
  2. PCS002- Prestressed concrete bridge girder design

STAAD PRO/E-TAB Based Projects:

  1. SP001- Prestressed concrete slab design (PT slab)
  2. SP002- Commercial Buildings
  3. SP003- Water Tanks
  4. SP004- Industrial Buildings

Transportation Engineering:

  1. TE001 – Flexible Pavement Design
  2. TE002- Rigid Pavement Design
  3. TE003- Geo textiles and their applications
  4. TE004- Highway and their Maintenance
  5. TE005- Pavement Design by Using Geo textiles
  6. TE006- Use of Discrete Fiber in Road Construction
  7. TE007- Stabilization of Sub grade using Geo textiles
  8. TE008- Pavement Evaluation and applications of Geo textiles in Pavements
  9. TE009- Accident Prone area For Hyderabad City
  10. TE010- Design of Flexible and Rigid using Fly ash as a Stabilizing Materials
  11. TE011- Pavement Surface Unevenness Evaluation
  12. TE012- Geo synthetics in Construction of Roads
  13. TE013- Traffic analysis and Pavement Evaluation

Environmental Engineering:

  1. EE001 – Drinking water standards, testing and treatment.
  2. EE002 -Water distribution system design for a village
  3. EE003 – Sewage Treatment Plant Design For a City
  4. EE004 – Solid waste management
  5. EE005- Design of sedimentation tank
  6. EE006 – Removal of Toxic Metal from Industrial Water Using Groundnut Shell
  7. EE007 – Use of Different Organic Wastes for Production of Bio Gas
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  8. EE008 – Sampling and Analysis of Industrial Waste Water and Reuse ]
  9. EE009 – Conversion of Salt Water into Drinking Water
  10. EE010 – Site Suitability Evaluation for Textile Sewage Water Treatment Plant Using Remote Sensing Techniques
  11. EE011 – Analysis of Textile Mill Waste Water
  12. EE012- A Study on Effect of Pollutants on Land and River due to Discharge of Paper Packaging Factory Waste Water
  13. EE013 – Studies on the Concentration of Settable Dust Emitted by Sugar Factory
  14. EE014 – Performance Studies on the Waste Treatment units of a Battery Industry
  15. EE015 – Generation of Electricity using Solid Waste Management
  16. EE016 – Decentralized Solid Waste Management System Involving Active Public and NGO Participation
  17. EE017 – Climate Change, Energy and Decentralized Solid Waste Management
  18. EE018 – Municipal Solid Waste Management under Decentrailisation
  19. EE019 – Waste Management Models and Their Applications on Construction Sites
  20. EE020 – Identification of Potential Zone using Remote Sensing
  21. EE021 – Sampling, Analysis and Design of Effluent Treatment Plant for Leather Industry
  22. EE022 – Study on Fluoride Concentration in Ground Water
  23. EE023 – Design of Bio Gas Plant
  24. EE024 – Bio Gas for Coral Organic Wastes
  25. EE025 – Drinking Water Quality Standards Study in and Around Chennai (Any City)
  26. EE026 – Annual Rainfall Studies for the District of Thiruvallur (Any District)
  27. EE027 – Investigation and Fabrication of Atmospheric Air pollution removal for domestic and Industrial usage

Construction & Estimation Projects:

  1. CE001 – Construction & estimations of Commercial Building
  2. CE002 – Construction& estimations of High Raised Building
  3. CE003 –  Pavements Case Study
  4. CE004 – Gated Community estimation Costing& Construction
  5. CE005 – Causes Prevention and Repair of Cracks in Building
  6. CE006 – Pavements Case Study

Concrete technology:

  1. CT001 – Concrete mix designing with Indian and internal codes
  2. CT002 – Fiber reinforced concrete
  3. CT003 – Green concrete

Geotechnical engineering:

  1. GE001 – Stress strain characteristics of cohesive soils at different moisture conditions
  2. GE002 – Strength Parameters of Various Soils with Admixture
  3. GE003 – Experimental Analysis Improving Soil Stability by Natural Fibre
  4. GE004 – Stabilization of black cotton soil by using Baggase ash and GGBS
  5. GE005 – Study on Shear Parameters of Clayey soil
  6. GE006 – Analysis on Pile Foundation on Different Types of Soil
  7. GE007 – Analysis on Raft Foundation on Different Types of Soil
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  8. GE008 – Strength Characteristics of Soft to Medium Hard Rock Matrix using Triaxial System
  9. GE009 – Experimental Study of Shear Strength Parameters for Cohesionless Soil with Particle Gradation
  10. GE010 – Improvement of Soil Strength by Grouting
  11. GE011 – Study on Various Ground Improvement Technique
  12. GE012 – Labor Optimization in Earth work
  13. GE013 – Stabilization of Soil Using Waste Plastic Fibre
  14. GE014 – Study on Pile Foundation
  15. GE015 – Study on Design of Various Foundation
  16. GE016 – Prediction of Settlement of Shallow Foundation from Index Properties of Clayey Soil

Water resources engineering:

  1. WRE001 – Earthen dam Designing
  2. WRE002 – Gravity dam Designing
  3. WRE003 – Design of irrigation canal and comparison of irrigation system
  4. WRE004 – Design of a Septic Tank
  5. WRE005 – Design of a Treatment Plant
  6. WRE006 – Design of a Mini Dam
  7. WRE007 – Design of a Gravity Dam with Ogee Spillway
  8. WRE008 – Design of a Berthing Structure
  9. WRE009 – Design of a Circular Water Tank
  10. WRE010 – Design of a Culvert
  11. WRE011 – Design of an Overhead Tank
  12. WRE012 – Design of a Rectangular Water Tank
  13. WRE013 – Design of a Dome Shape Water Tank
  14. WRE014 – Design of an Underground Drainage system
  15. WRE015 – Design of a Swimming Pool


  1. GIS001 – Design and Development of Noise Prediction Study Using 3D City Models & ArcGIS
  2. GIS002 – Identification of Ground Water by Using GIS
  3. GIS003 – Geographical Information System and its Application to Project Mangement in Construction Industry 
  4. GIS004 – Identification of Accident Location and Analysis System 
  5. GIS005 – Decision Support System for Guidance Assessment in large Irrigation Areas 
  6. GIS006 – 4D Model Development for Planning and Scheduling of Construction Project 
  7. GIS007 – Assessment of Impact on Aquaculture Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS 
  8. GIS008 – Integrated Sustainable Irrigation Planning with Multi Objective Fuzzy Optimization Approach 
  9. GIS009 – Rainfall Screening Methodology using TRMM Data Over a River Basin
  10. GIS010 – Prediction of High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Land Surface Temperature using ANN and MICROWAVE VEGETATION INDEX


  1. SP001 – Non-Linear Analysis of Continuous Composite Concrete–Steel Beams Under Cyclic Loadings
  2. SP002 – Influence of Masonry Infill Walls on Seismic Performance of RC Framed Structures a Comparison of Aac and Conventional Brick Infill
  3. SP003 – Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Dynamic Response of Highly Compliant, Polymer-Enhanced, Graphite Reinforced Cementitious Composites
  4. SP004 – Deflection Control in RCC Beams by Using Mild Steel Strips
  5. SP005 – Behavior of Columns in Composite CES Structural System
  6. SP006 – Concrete Cover Separation Failure of Overlay-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams
  7. SP007 – Concrete Cover Separation Failure of Overlay-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams
  8. SP008 – Experimental Study on Behavior of Interior RC Beam Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading
  9. SP009 – Composite RCC and Brick Slabs with Shear Reinforcement
  10. SP010 – Nonlinear Behavior of Skew Slab Bridge Under Traffic Loading Using Staad Pro
  11. SP011 – Performance of Innovative and Durable CFCC Prestressed and Reinforced Beams Under Shear
  12. SP012 – Practical Method for Analysis and Design of Slender Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Biaxial Bending and Axial Loads
  13. SP013 – Safety Evaluation of a Slab and Buttress Dam
  14. SP014 – Rettrofitting of RC Beams with Externally Bonded Simcon Laminates
  15. SP015 – Seismic Upgradation of a Steel Frame Structure by Bracing System


  1. DP001 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Airport Terminal Building
  2. DP002 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Auditorium Building
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  3. DP003 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Community Hall
  4. DP004 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Commercial Mansion
  5. DP005 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Departmental Store
  6. DP006 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Jwellery Mart
  7. DP007 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Multi Storey Car Parking
  8. DP008 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Hexagonal Shopping Complex
  9. DP009 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Octagon Shopping Complex
  10. DP010 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Pentagon Shopping Complex
  11. DP011 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of U-Shape Shopping Complex
  12. DP012 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Super Market Building
  13. DP013 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Entertainment Building
  14. DP014 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Indoor Stadium
  15. DP015 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Multi Storey Apartment Building
  16. DP016 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Modern Indoor Stadium
  17. DP017 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Factory Building
  18. DP018 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Industrial Building
  19. DP019 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Trade Center
  20. DP020 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Multi Storey Two Wheeler Parking
  21. DP021 – Design, Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Multi Storey Building
  22. DP022 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Apartment Building
  23. DP023 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Municipality Building
  24. DP024 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Modern Bus Stand
  25. DP025 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Police Station Building
  26. DP026 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Panchayat Union Office
  27. DP027 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of VAO Building
  28. DP028 – Design, Analysis, Planning and Estimation of Collector Office
  29. DP029 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Light House
  30. DP030 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Earthquake Resistant Building
  31. DP031 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Tidal Park
  32. DP032 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of IT Park
  33. DP033 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Green Building
  34. DP034 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Zero Energy Building
  35. DP035 – Design Analysis,Planning and Estimation of Floating Structure
  36. DP036 – Design 132 KV Power Transmission Tower


  1. CMB001 – Geo Polymer Brick
  2. CMB002 – Maganesite Brick
  3. CMB003 – Geo Polymer Eco Brick
  4. CMB004 – Fire Clay Brick
  5. CMB005 – Sludge Ash Brick
  6. CMB006 – Light Weight Construction Materials
  7. CMB007 – Sugar Mill Waste Used as Construction Material
  8. CMB008 – Industrial Waste Used as Building Material
  9. CMB009 – Bamboo as a Reinforcing Material
  10. CMB010 – Ferro Cement Products-Water Tank, Septic Tank
  11. CMB011 – Ecological Bacteria Implementation Brick


  1. VE001 – Application of Value Engineering in Building Constuction 
  2. VE002 – Optimization of Equipments in Highway Projects 
  3. VE003 – An Assessment of the Factors Causing Delays on Building Construction Projects
  4. VE004 – Evaluation of the Failure and Reinforcement of the Foundation in a Multi Storey Residential Building 
  5. VE005 – Environmental Assessment of Concrete Structures 
  6. VE006 – Assessment of the Suitability of Coconut Shell Charcoal as Filler in Stone Matrix Asphalt 
  7. VE007 – Corrosion Mechanism, Prevention & Repair Measures of RCC Structure 
  8. VE008 – Awareness and Implementation of Sustainable Concepts in Construction Performance Measure on Natural Material 
  9. VE009 – Assessment and Evaluation of Performance for Materials Management Process on Construction projects