The real reason for sun oriented following framework is to accumulate a most extreme measure of energy supply by methods for following the sun based panel. As soon as the framework is exchanged on, the sun based board goes to the underlying position, i.e. towards the east. There are four LDR which is set each in 45o to continue following of the sun from sun ascend to sun fall. When the light falls on the main LDR, the flag will be sent to IC 89C51 microcontroller. This thusly controls the stepper engine position i.e., to begin with, quarter 0-45o.

As the sun rises when the daylight falls on the second LDR i.e. second quarter 45-90o, consequently first LDR is put off and the second one gets on. The flag from the second LDR goes to the IC and thusly goes to the stepper engine to change its position, i.e. 45-90o. A similar procedure goes ahead till the sun tumbles down. So we can track the sun constantly. The electric vitality, therefore, acquired from the sun oriented cell goes to a capacity cell/battery and it is put away. At the point when this vitality is required it is acquired by utilizing an inverter. It is additionally customized, with respect to the season of load on and stack off. Here the heap is water pump for flooding the field.


 save the electric vitality

 easy to work

 easy to introduce

 no control disappointment issue

 programmable on/off the clock

 no require manual work


 Electronics segments disappointment may happen whenever.

 D.C Battery support is extremely convoluted.



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