Embedded Project on Solar Power Charge Controller


The solar energy is converted  to electrical energy by photograph voltaic cells. This energy is stored in batteries during day time for using the same during night time. This project manages a controlled charging mechanism which over charge, deep discharge and under voltage of the battery.

In this project a solar pannel is utilized to charge a battery. An set of operation amps are utilized as comparators to continously monitor pannel voltage, load current and so on. Indications are also given by a green LED to completely charged battery while an set of red LEDs to indigate under charged, over loaded and deep discharge condition.

Charge controller likewise utilizes MOSFET as power semiconductor change to ensure cut off the loaded in low battery or over loaded condition. A transistor is bypass the solar energy is to a dummy loaded while the battery gets completely charged. This shields the battery from getting over charged.

This projecy can be improved by utilizing microcontroller and GSM modem to communicate the status of the framework to a control room via SMS.


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