Mechanical designing without generation and assembling is pointless and indistinguishable. Generation and assembling process manages change of crude materials contributions to completed items according to required measurements determinations and productively utilizing late innovation

Objective& scope

Would crusher be able to be utilized to pulverize the can in fact, it more reasonable for plastic reusable businesses, in these ventures, the smashed can are dumped in an overwhelming cover and send to the heater for dissolving so this devastating procedure is conveyed in this machine which is manufactured by our self

Working principle

The aggregate structure is made of mellow steel outlines in which every one of the parts is gathered over it. the machine comprises of wrench shaft, associating bar, slider piece, more plum square, engine, ale pass on and female, when an engine is exchanged ON the power is transmitted from engine to wrench shaft by means of belt , so when wrench shaft pivots the interfacing bar will all over and pulverizes the can naturally.


1. It decreases the weight of the specialist

2. It is anything but difficult to work

3. stock length is customizable


1) It is utilized for mass pulverizing as it were

2) Runs at a consistent speed

Download: mechanical can crusher


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