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Welding is the way toward joining of two materials by utilizing filler bar while joining the materials the high measure of warmth is produced in welding surface, so oxidation can occur over the activity, so as to keep the oxidation the motion material is covered over the welded territory

This motion covering is expelled while sending to the activity for next task like machining, painting and so forth, however it a terries procedure to clean the motion physically, and it requires an immense measure of gifted work, with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from that welding slag cleaning machine is utilized. This machine has a round wire brush which is mounted over the pole; this pole is associated with electric engine

The activity is held in the installation, this apparatus setup is moved by rack and pinion game plan, so by this as well and fro movement employment will move front and back against the activity, so occupation will consequently be cleaned effectively.


1. Generation cost is low.

2. No need of procurement unique machine.

3. It is primarily extremely valuable to hold the long plate(1.5 feet) specifically position.

5. Its worked and upkeep is basic.

6. It is smaller and compact.

7. It can be productively utilized.

8. It is basic and unbending in development.

9. Assembling cost is lesser than another cleaning machine.


1. Little vibration happens because of wire brush wheel connection.

2. Keeping in mind the end goal to dodge vibration the machine ought to be legitimately establishment with the floor.


This gadget discovers put in.

1. It is utilized nearly in different types if enterprises (Large, Small and medium scale businesses ).

2. This machine is for the most part utilized as a part of assembling – situated ventures.

3. This gadget is appropriate to hold level compose plate. (most extreme length1.5 feet)


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