The rigging cutting machine connection is appendable to a current apparatus slicing machine in order to dispense with the requirement for an administrator owning both an apparatus cutting machine and a machine. It is intended to be mounted to the side of the apparatus slicing machine and to be utilized without irritating a setup in the related tight clamp.

The connection is likewise intended to be mounted to the front of an apparatus cutting machine and permits the programming of the very purpose of single point instrument contact in order to take after whatever form or steps are wanted. This sort of cutting isn’t conceivable on a machine with ensured exactness, while on an apparatus cutting machine it is very doable.


Anas good as ever equip cutting machine connection which encourages the utilization of said outfit cutting machine as a machine, said connection including:

– mounting implies for encouraging a connection to said outfit cutting machine;

– machine implies appended to said mounting means, and power supply implies for driving said machine implies;

wherein said mounting implies involves a rectangular molded help part having first and second contradicted finishes and first and second restricted sides, said bolster part additionally having a longitudinal pivot and a transverse hub opposite to said longitudinal hub, said bolster part having a dovetailed formed break stretching out parallel to said transverse hub on one of the said sides thereof, said bolster part dovetailed formed break-adjusted to be joined to the vertically expanding dovetail of said equip cutting machine with said another restricted side thereof confronting ostensibly as for said outfit cutting machine vertical dovetail;


The sliding bed is pivoted with the assistance of a screw bar. In that sliding bed, the bad habit is settled. The bad habit is utilized to hold the workpiece. The rigging slicing shaper is settled to the machine bore hurl. The energizing apparatus post is supplanted so that to settle the connection here by the reasonable course of action. By changing the rigging cutting shaper, the required shape is gotten in the workpiece.


The unit is minimal in a measure.

Less upkeep is basic

The unit gives long existence with a legitimate arrangement of riggings.

Employment can be effortlessly taken care of in this unit.


Wanted apparatus cutting can be effortlessly turned.



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