Mobile Food Ordering Application

Mobile Food Ordering Application


The ubiquity of eateries is consistently expanding. In like manner, the quantity of eatery goers has expanded as well. Exploiting the progression in innovation, this venture means to apply an advanced touch to the way eateries work, with a specific end goal to build its prominence among clients. This paper goes for supplanting the customary nourishment requesting framework in eateries with tablet sustenance requesting. The client, on entering the eatery and involving his coveted table, will be invited with a tablet settled at his table. He will then choose his coveted supper and his affirmed request will be sent straightforwardly to the kitchen. When his feast is prepared, it will be conveyed by the servers to the relating table. The client can post his input contingent on his experience.

Existing System:

The present framework is paper-based. Papers are utilized as a part of eateries for showing the conventional menu cards, recording the requests of clients, putting away the records of clients

Hindrances :

The burdens of the paper-based framework are that papers can get effectively harmed by recolor marks, they can be lost because of flame or mischances or can lose all sense of direction as a rule. Consequently, time and cash are squandered. As customary menu cards are paper-based, any progressions that should be made on the menu will require republishing of the whole menu card, prompting wastage. For little changes, reproducing the whole menu card is incomprehensible. Changes in the menu card can’t be made powerfully.

Proposed System :

This record determines the necessities for an eatery paper menu and requesting substitution technique to ease the issues related to the current obsolete strategy, by supplanting paper menu with an electronic medium i.e. an advanced tablet. Due to a digitalized framework, the danger of manual mistakes is dispensed with, accordingly disposing of the correspondence boundary. The table shows all the data the client has to think about the request he has set.


 The tablet will incorporate the general offices given by the specific eatery to be the specific menu, offers, methods of installment, and so forth.

 The client can pick between the assortments of dinners accessible at the eatery.

 His decision will be sent to a LED screen put in the kitchen making the cooks mindful of the client’s decisions.




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