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Design a framework for computerizing the legal administrations in India.Utilizing this framework, offended party can without much of a stretch offer grievances to the concerned expert and they can see status of their cases and so forth. This framework will decrease the time and hazard to the clients contrast and manual framework. The undertaking performs expected capacity with required accuracy. The enrolled client’s documents can be put away in the concentrated database which can be kept up by the framework. Verification is accommodated this application just enlisted clients can get to.

Functional Requirements:

• Register Plaintiff, litigant, offended party legal counselor and Judge.

• File cases from offended parties.

• Schedule hearings (beginning and proceeding).

• Send hearings through sends to relating case

• Give guidelines to speaking to advocates. Every formal direction must be signed in the framework. These directions might be multi-lingual.

• Send procedures case insightful after each hearing

• View date insightful case Reports

• View Judgment record and send it to relating case personals through sends.

• Check confirmation and case made by contradicting party.

• File claim confirm, witnesses and so forth.

• View hearings and Proceedings sent through mail.

• Validate case procedures and notes as they continue.

• Receive procedures and approve advancements

• Receive formal judgment through sends.

• Viewing rights to see advancement of cases and directions got.

• View hearings and Proceedings sent through mail.

• Send hearings , procedures , guidelines and judgment to Admin through sends.

• View Proceedings.

Non Functional Requirements:

• Secure access of private information (client’s points of interest). SSL can be utilized.

• 24 X 7 accessibility

• Better part configuration to improve execution at top time

• Flexible administration based engineering will be very alluring for future expansion


• Admin module

• Lawyers module

• Plaintiff module

• Defendant module

• Judge module

• Reports module

• Communication module

• Authentication


• Admin/Court civil servant

• Lawyers

• Plaintiff

• Defendant

• Judge


Non specific Technology Keywords: Database, User Interface, Programming

Particular Technology Keywords: Asp.Net, C#.Net, MS SqlServer-08

Venture Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer

SDLC Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing


Programming Specification:

Working System: Widows XP Service pack II or later

Information Base: Microsoft SQL Server – 2008

Web Server: IIS (Internet Information Services)

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Asp. Net with C#.Net

Customer Application: Internet Explorer 6.0 above

IDE and Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio-2010

Hardware Specification:

Processor: Intel Pentium or More

Slam: 1 GB

Hard Disk: 80 GB

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