Online Tax Information Project ASP.NET


clarifies about an online application which can give charge data of various bodies in districts like water office, power division and other. This application will gather data from various bodies in light of house number and proprietor name and refresh data into the database which can be seen by natives utilizing web administrations.

In the existing framework, residents will get charges shape individual offices and they will pay through online administrations like e-seva. Yet at the same time, there are a few divisions which utilize the manual process for putting away information and nationals need to go to workplaces and think about their duty data which is time taking procedure. In this framework, there are odds of losing or losing information.

In proposed framework clients can straightforwardly know their charge data and even figure the yearly month to month assess data through the online web application. Utilizing this application there is no odds of losing information any old record can be seen within a couple of moments seconds. Nationals should enroll with this application by gave precise data to survey impose data of various offices.

This application can be additionally enhanced by including highlights like online installment, intranet correspondence inside offices, client mind administrations.

Project Download-Tax Project

Report of TAX


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