The Vulcanizing procedure is a fundamental piece of the Rubber ventures. Typically the Vulcanizing machine is physically hand worked one for medium and little scale elastic businesses. In our undertaking is “PNEUMATIC VULCANIZING MACHINE”.

Mechanization in the advanced world is unavoidable. Any programmed machine went for the temperate utilization of man, machine, and material worth the most. In our undertaking is solenoid valve and control timing unit is utilized for computerization.

The Vulcanizing machine works with the assistance of pneumatic Single Acting chamber. The cylinder is associated with the moving vulcanizing Dies. It is utilized to the little size of warming procedure between the two elastic materials. The machine is versatile in estimate, so natural transportable.

This is a period of robotization where it is comprehensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by mechanical power in all level of computerization. The task remains a fundamental piece of the framework in spite of the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of automation is expanded.

Degrees of mechanization are of two sorts, viz.

• Full mechanization

• Semi mechanization

In semi mechanization a mix of manual exertion and mechanical power is required while in full computerization human investment of extremely insignificant.


• Reduction of lab our and material cost

• Reduction of general cost

• Increased generation

• Increased wellbeing

• Reduction in exhaustion

• Improved staff comfort


1) it require air source to work



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