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Tired of ceasing your vehicle and physically opening/shutting your entryway each time you leave or get back home? Disentangle the procedure with a pneumatic entryway opening framework which working the hand liver valve so opens your entryway.

Robotization in the cutting edge world is unavoidable. Any programmed machine went for the temperate utilization of man, machine, and material worth the most. In our venture is heading control valve is utilized for robotization.


These days Automation involves different electronic segments by its agreeable nature. This is a period of mechanization where it is comprehensively characterized as substitution of manual exertion by pneumatic power in all degrees of computerization. The activity remains a fundamental piece of the framework despite the fact that with changing requests on physical contribution as the level of motorization is expanded.

Degrees of computerization are of two kinds, viz.

Full computerization.

Semi computerization.

In semi computerization, a blend of manual exertion and pneumatic power is required while in full mechanization human interest is exceptionally immaterial.


The compacted air from the compressor is utilized as the power medium for this activity. There are pneumatic twofold acting chambers, Direction control valve; stream control valve utilized. The arm from the compressor enters to the flow control Valve.

The controlled air from the stream control valve enters to the Direction control valve. The capacity of heading control valve is utilized to move the twofold acting barrel forward/turn around relies on the valve position. In one position air enter the barrel and pusses the cylinder, with the goal that the entryway will open.

The following position air enters to the opposite side of barrel and pusses the cylinder return back, so the discharging stroke is acquired. In that time the entryway is shut. The speed of the nearby and discharging stroke is changed by the bearing control valve physically.


It is exceptionally valuable in auto stopping stations.

Utilized as a part of mechanical zones.

In office and Home Application


It is exceptionally efficient.

Remain safe in your auto and keep out of terrible climate when entering/leaving your property

Sheltered and simple do-it-without anyone else’s help establishment — no expert circuit tester required

Extra embellishments enable you to alter a framework for you

The pneumatic is more proficient in the specialized field

A snappy reaction is accomplished

Basic in development

Simple to keep up and repair


Need Air tank for this entryway open/close Mechanism


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