This venture work titled “Manufacture OF ROTARY KALLER” has been considered having contemplated the trouble in powder any kind of solidify masala powder substance.

Our study in the respect in a few home/lodging uncovered the actualities that for the most part, some trouble happens in powder gigantic measure of masala powder. The powdering of immense measure of masala close by is taking additional time and high manual power.

Presently the undertaking has primarily focused on this trouble, and thus a reasonable gadget has been outlined. To such an extent that the masala powdering activity should be possible without the use of any effect constrain.


This gadget the rotational Kaller has been created to later the necessities of little and medium home/lodging application, who are ordinarily man fueled. In the vast majority of the house/in the powder is powdered by utilizing human hand. This needs additional time and high working burden.

With a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from every such detriment. This, the machine has been composed such that it can be utilized to powder the masala substance easily with no effect constrain. The activity is made be straightforward that even an incompetent work can take care of, by simply exhibiting the working of the programmed vegetable cutting machine once.


1. Handling is simple

2. No Manual power

3. Easy to Repair.

4. Replacement of parts is simple.


 Additional cost is required in residential individuals

 This framework requires high systems of support mind.

 Care must be taken for the dealing with the hardware, for example, appropriate wiring association, and so forth.


This is exceptionally valuable in



Flask, and so forth.



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