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During the pressure stroke in a four-stroke diesel motor, air is compacted in the motor chamber. The weight of the air is expanded and its temperature is likewise expanded. The diesel fuel is infused toward the finish of the pressure stroke and the fuel is touched off. Start plug is a gadget to deliver electric start to light the packed air-fuel blend inside the chamber. The start connect is screwed to the highest point of the barrel with the goal that its terminals extend in the burning chamber.


A start plug comprises of primarily three sections:

1. Centre terminal or protected anode.

2. Ground terminal or external anode.

3. Insulation isolating the two terminals.


In our undertaking “Start Plug Tester” comprise of Microcontroller unit, show, alert circuit, start attachment to be tried.

Testing is completed by:

(i) Spark Plug Voltages in Different Speed and

(ii) Spark plug Insulation testing

The start fitting to be tried is settled to this testing gear. The start plug protection is tried and the perusing has appeared in microcontroller show unit. This undertaking is a computerization venture.


 It requires straightforward support cares

 All motor vehicles start attachment can be effortlessly checked.

 Checking and cleaning are simple, due to the primary parts are screwed.

 Repairing is simple.

 Replacement of parts is simple.


1. Initial cost is required to introduce this testing hardware.

2. High cost when contrasted with the simple framework


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