AN069 – Android Expense Tracker


Android Expense Tracker application enables clients to maintain a digital automated diary. Every client will be required to register on the system at registration time, the client will be given id, which will be utilized to maintain the record of each unique client. Expense Tracker application which will track Income-Expense of a client on a day to day premise.

This application takes Income from client and partitions in daily expense permitted. In the event that you exceed that days expense it will cut if from your income and give new daily expense permitted amount, and if that days expense is less it will add it in savings.

Expense tracking application will produce report toward the end of month to indicate Income-Expense through various graphs. It will give you a chance to add the savings amount which you had saved for some specific Festivals or day like Birthday or Anniversary.


Develops Discipline and Organization

Forces You to Think About Money

Crisis Prevention

Budget Planner

Knowing your Spending ways



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