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Android  PC Chatting & Image Sharing System

ABSTRACT: Chatting, image, audio and video sharing is possible between two or more peoples utilizing cell phones which are basic nowadays. This system enables the client to send or receive messages and images the with cell phone and PC. This system includes two clients where a client can send messages, share images utilizing their devices.… Read More »

.Real-Time Product Monitoring & Tracking System using fingerprint authentication

ABSTRACT: Shopping is an activity of purchasing good from the shop. A shop is a place where a client can satisfy all their needs. Android-based systems ought to be technically implemented in such a way that ensures adequate client requirements. The proposed approach is implemented to allow the person to do shopping utilizing fingerprint validation of client and the… Read More »

Weather Report Monitoring

ABSTRACT: The existing system consists of utilizing cognitive radio predicting the area awareness service of a region but none of the current work describes about utilizing cognitive radio strategy to foresee the area aware service in the terrestrial region. This work describes the utilization of cognitive radio method in the terrestrial region for predicting and analyzing the… Read More »

Student Faculty Document Sharing Android Project

ABSTRACT: This project is an online portal between student and Faculty. This creative system allows college faculty to share vital information and as well as a notification with engineering students. It consists of a faculty login along with student login. Since school personnel works through pc and document transferring is more directly through a pc,… Read More »

Societal Interaction Blood Donor Identification System For Health Care

ABSTRACT: This project act as an important part in saving the life of human beings and which is also the main point. The project Android Blood Bank system is built up so clients can see the data about registered blood donors, for example, name, address, and other such individual data along with their points of… Read More »