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Embedded Project on Theft Intimation of Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely

ABSTRACT: The objective of this project is to utilize wireless technology to intimate the proprietor of the vehicle about any unauthorized entry. This is done by sending an auto-produced SMS to the proprietor. An additional favorable position of this undertaking is that the proprietor can send back the SMS which will disable the ignition of… Read More »

Embedded Project on RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller

ABSTRACT: The fundamental target of this project is to give security in an organization by permitting just the authorized personnel to get to the secure area. The security of any organization is a need for the authorities. The concern is for the physical property and furthermore for the intellectual property. Therefore just the authorized persons with a… Read More »

Embedded Project on Discotheque Light Stroboscopic Flasher

ABSTRACT: Stroboscopic lighting impacts for discotheques are accomplished by utilizing conventional white LEDs replacing the discharge lights for higher efficiency at low cost. This control is possible by instantly switching the LEDs on and off at higher voltages for less time period. This quick control of intensity from full glow to full off helps in developing… Read More »

Embedded Project on RFID Based Passport Details

ABSTRACT: The fundamental goal of this project is to get to the passport details of passport holder through RFID technology. For this reason, the authorized person is given a RFID card. This card contains an integrated circuit that is utilized for storing, processing information through modulating and demodulating the radio frequency signal that is being transmitted.… Read More »