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Security-Aware Waveforms for Enhancing Wireless Communications Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems via Multipath Receptions

ABSTRACT: Cyber-physical system (CPS), viewed as the up and coming age of designed system, has the ability to collaborate with the genuine physical world. Utilizations of CPS range different fields, for example,  medical monitoring, traffic control, and smart grid. With such boundless applications, protection confirmation is ending up increasingly critical since what the CPS associates… Read More »

Resource Allocation in Vehicular Cloud Computing Systems with Heterogeneous Vehicles and Roadside Units

ABSTRACT: Vehicular distributed computing (VCC) system facilitates the vehicular cloud (comprising of vehicles’ figuring assets) and the remote cloud legitimately to give in-time administrations to clients. Apreviousrvious works had built up the models for asset portion in the VCC system in view of semi-Markov choice procedures (SMDP), few of them talked about the heterogeneity of… Read More »

LoDPD: A Location Difference-based Proximity Detection Protocol for Fog Computing

ABSTRACT: proximity recognition is a standout amongst the most widely recognized area based applications in day by day life when clients goal to discover their companions who get into their nearness. Concentrates on securing client protection data amid the discovery procedure have been generally concerned. In this project, we initially break down a hypothetical and… Read More »

Graph Encryption for Top-K Nearest Keyword Search Queries on Cloud

ABSTRACT: Driven by the developing security requests for information outsourcing applications in supportable brilliant urban areas, scrambling customers’ information has been broadly acknowledged by the scholarly world and industry. Information encryptions ought to be done at the customer side before outsourcing, in light of the fact that mists and edges are not trusted. In this… Read More »

Energy Theft Detection in Multi-Tenant Data Centers with Digital Protective Relay Deployment

ABSTRACT: Superior server farms fill in as the foundation of the overall distributed computing worldview. Among server farms with various operational structures, multi-occupant server farms (MTDCs) are progressively famous among different network access suppliers for the simplicity of arrangement. Notwithstanding the offered benefits, MTDCs are powerless against different cyber attacks. An essential cyberattack is vitality… Read More »

Optimal Task Dispatching on Multiple Heterogeneous Multiserver Systems with Dynamic Speed and Power Management

ABSTRACT: Cloud load balancing is the way toward distributing workloads over different processing assets in a cloud domain. Load distribution in cloud computing systems is more testing than in different systems. The reason for the project is to address the issue of ideal task dispatching on different heterogeneous multiserver systems with dynamic speed and power… Read More »

DLTSR: A Deep Learning Framework for Recommendation of Long-tail Web Services Sustainable Computing

ABSTRACT: With the developing popularity of web services, an ever-increasing number of developers are making multiple services into mashups. Developers demonstrate an expanding enthusiasm for non-mainstream administrations (i.e., long-tail ones), notwithstanding, there are rare examinations attempting to address the long-tail web benefit proposal issue. The real difficulties for suggesting long-tail administrations accurately include serious sparsity… Read More »

Online Multi-task Learning Framework for Ensemble Forecasting

ABSTRACT: Ensemble forecasting is a broadly utilized numerical forecast technique for displaying the development of nonlinear powerful frameworks. To foresee the future condition of such frameworks, an arrangement of gathering part estimates is created from various keeps running of PC models, where each run is gotten by bothering the beginning condition or utilizing an alternate… Read More »

SAP: Improving Continuous Top-K Queries over Streaming Data

ABSTRACT: Consistent top k question over gushing information is a basic issue in the database. In this paper, we center around the sliding window situation, where a ceaseless top k inquiry restores the top k protests inside each question window on the information stream. Existing calculations bolster this sort of inquiries through incrementally keeping up… Read More »

Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines

ABSTRACT: Web search tools are made by thousands out of inquiry preparing hubs, i.e., servers committed to processing client questions. Such numerous servers expend a lot of vitality, generally responsible to their CPUs, however, they are important to guarantee low latencies since clients expect sub-second reaction times (e.g., 500 ms). Be that as it may,… Read More »