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.NET Project On B2C E-commerce customer relation management based on the long tail

ABSTRACT: With the improvement of computer technology and network communication technology, e-commerce has a fast development on a global scale. B2C e-commerce as another shopping channel, since it has attributes of giving adequate data, breaking time and space boundaries, low cost and real-time, has rapid development. As a channel for transactions, B2C e-commerce additionally should… Read More »

.NET Project On Bridging Socially-Enhanced Virtual Communities

ABSTRACT: Interactions spanning multiple organizations have turned into an essential aspect of the present collaboration landscape. Organizations make alliances to fulfill strategic objectives. The dynamic nature of collaboration increasingly demands automated techniques and algorithms to support the creation of such alliances. Our approach based on the proposal of potential alliances by the revelation of right now significant… Read More »

.NET Project On Data mining for XML query-answering support

ABSTRACT: Extracting data from semi-structured documents is a very hard task, and will be going to become more and more critical as the amount of digital data available on the internet develops. In fact, documents are regularly so expansive that the data set returned as answer to a query might be too big to convey… Read More »

.NET Project On Efficient Broadcasting with Guaranteed Coverage in MANETs

ABSTRACT: We study an efficient broadcast scheme in mobile ad hoc network systems (MANETs). The goal is to decide a little arrangement of forwarding nodes to guarantee full coverage. We first investigation a few strategies that certification scope when the local view of each node on its neighborhood data is updated in a timely manner.… Read More »

.NET Project On  Efficient Retrieval Of Files From Cluster-Based Web Servers

ABSTRACT: State-of-the-art cluster-based data centers consisting of three levels (Web server, application server, and database server) are being utilized to host complex Web services, for example, e-commerce applications. The application server handles the dynamic and sensitive Web content that need protection from eavesdropping, tempering, and forgery. In spite of the fact that the Secure Socket Layer is… Read More »

.NET Project On  Improving Reliability Forapplication-Layer Multicast Overlays

ABSTRACT: Reliability of tree-like multicast overlays caused by nodes’ sudden failures is considered as one of the significant issues for the Internet application-layer media streaming service. In this project, we address this issue by designing a distributed and light-weighted protocol named the instantaneous reliability oriented protocol (IRP). Not at all like the greater part of… Read More »

.NET Project On Enhanced License Maker For Software Protection

ABSTRACT: The project objective for securing the software given to the clients with the end goal that the application runs just for the specific count, up to a date, number of days starting from the installation date, keeps running in one machine. The application if copied to other systems won’t work. During first run, a license key… Read More »

.NET Project On Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud

ABSTRACT: In recent years ad hoc parallel data processing has emerged to be one of the killers for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. Real Cloud computing companies have started to integrate systems for parallel data processing in their item portfolio, making it simple for clients to get to these services and to deploy their programs. However, the processing structures… Read More »

.NET Project On Wireless Scheduling Algorithms for Minimizing the Queue-Overflow Probability

ABSTRACT: In this project, we are interested with wireless scheduling algorithms for the downlink of a single cell that can minimize the queue overflow probability. In particular, in a large deviation setting, we are interested in algorithms that maximize the asymptotic decay rate of the queue overflow probability, as the queue overflow threshold approaches infinity. We… Read More »

.NET Project On Publishing Search Logs – A Comparative Study of Privacy Guarantees

ABSTRACT: Search engine companies gather the “database of intentions,” the histories of their clients’ search queries. These search logs are a gold mine for researchers. Search engine companies, in any case, are careful about publishing search logs order not to disclose sensitive information. In this project, we analyse the algorithm for publishing frequent keywords, queries, and clicks… Read More »