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Php project on Mail Server

ABSTRACT: This project provides an execution study of the ISP (Internet Service provider) mail servers. By utilizing the SPECmail2001 benchmark to test a commercial mail service–MDaemon 5.0.1, we investigate both network and I/O performance of mail servers with user population between 200 to 10,000. The file system follows are likewise gathered for investigation. From the benchmark results about, trace-driven simulations… Read More »

Php project on Video Streaming Like Youtube

ABSTRACT: YouTube has developed as the largest player among video streaming services, serving QoE-streamlined substance for clients utilizing DASH. Research studies on various aspects of YouTube, especially its streaming service, abound in the literature. However these works study  YouTube streaming from the periphery, and a report results about based on their understanding of general DASH proposals.… Read More »

Php project on Online Banking System

ABSTRACT: The E-Banking is an application that has been created for a well-established bank working primarily in south India. In the world of this competitive environment and technological advancement, the bank has been totally computerized in the last 4 years, and to increase its client base has started planning, for a concept called as e-banking; with this concept,… Read More »

Php project on Inventory Management System

ABSTRACT: Inventory proportionality is the objective of demand-driven inventory management. The essential optimal outcome is to have a similar number of days worth of inventory on hand across all items so that the time of running out of all products would be simultaneous. The secondary objective of inventory proportionality is inventory minimization. By integrating exact… Read More »