CC04 – Staying Connected on the Go : Network Sharing Based on Multioperator Traffic Inside Moving Transportation


System sharing is the way to enhancing system administrators’ capital uses (CAPEX) and working costs (OPEX). Numerous situations with space constraints can profit by system sharing, for example, a moving transportation situation, where isolate organize administrators can’t put their gear (e.g., little cells) inside the moving transportation to serve their clients. Likewise, because of the higher moving rate of the transportation, there are more incessant handovers with the administrators’ outside large scale base stations (MBSs), which prompts debased association quality.

In this way, a powerful system sharing component (NSM) is required to set up end-to-end steering ways for client activity with the goal that movement from various system administrators can be easily directed to the comparing center systems (CNs). In this article, we receive the system cutting idea and utilize it as a base for a created NSM. For confirmation of the proposed NSM in this article, recreations and related examination are exhibited. For future work, additionally examine concentrating on the conclusion to-end cutting idea, including radio and CNs, will be given.


CPU type : Intel Pentium 4

Clock speed : 3.0 GHz

Ram size : 512 MB

Hard disk capacity : 40 GB

Monitor type : 15 Inch shading screen

Keyboard type : web console



Working System: Android Studio

Language : ANDROID SDK 7.0

Documentation : Ms-Office


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