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The principal goal of this venture is to direct the water with less electric power. The procedure is completed by the pneumatic barrel and the packed air. The model comprises a tank, non-return valve, and a pneumatic barrel. The idea is pneumatic since it is anything but difficult to work and furthermore a fast procedure. The idea can get an extreme change in the field of mechanical particularly for oil reason in the machining territories.


This undertaking is planned with the control unit, pneumatic barrel, solenoid valve and a water tank. The unit is timing worked by our need the pneumatic chamber can be worked. The pneumatic chamber is associated with the void barrel for directing the water from the tank. The hand-off yield is specifically associated with the solenoid valve. Presently the pump is worked and ointment is given on the machines so as to decrease the warmth. Once the solenoid valve is activated through the control circuit, the pneumatic chamber associated with it will be expanded and withdrawn separately. This outcomes in the drawing chamber to broaden and withdraw, as the cylinder bars of both the barrels, are combined with each other. Once the pumping barrel is withdrawn the water in the tank will be sucked and it will be conveyed as the chamber is broadened. The ceaseless task will convey the water according to the necessity. The procedure is controlled by the control unit.

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 The requirement of labor isn’t essential

 Electric control required is least

 Quick process

 Easy to deal with


Needs a separate air compressor


It is relevant in all little scale and extensive scale ventures for grease

Download:  Design And Fabrication Of Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System

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