We’ve listed Many Topics for CSE in the previous post, here are the next 10 topics for computer science students projects, if you have any ideas, project lists, topics, seminar topics do send it to us.

  1. ASP.NET AADHAAR and PAN CARD Management System
  2. .NET Project on TNPDS Management
  3. .NET Color Image Indexing Using Binay Truncation Coding
  4. .NET Software Project Management Information System
  5. .NET An Integrated Congestion Management Architecture for Internet Hosts
  6. .NET Efficient Frequency Domain Selective Scrambling of Digital Video
  7. .NET Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Emotional Ants
  8. .NET Foveation Scalable Video Coding
  9. .NET Association Rule Hiding
  10. .NET Enhanced Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Analysis
  11. .NET Proximity Aware DHT-based Load Balancing in Heterogenous P2P Systems
  12. .NET Three-Dimensional Object Recognition from Local Scale-Invariant Keypoint Features.