Embedded Project on Object Counter with 7 Segment Display


The project is designed to monitor the counting the operations in industries. For instance, products moving on a conveyor belt are counted by IR interruption concept and displayed on a seven segment display.

There are two pair sensors, each kept at certain distance from the other. One pair of sensor comprises of a transmitter and a receiver, kept exactly opposite to each other. The transmitting part emits modulated IR light which is received at the receiver end and fed to a microcontroller of 8051 family.

At that point object passes through the sensors then microcontroller gets interrupt signals (from IR sensors) and increments the count display it on 7 segment display. Count down is likewise accomplished if the object moves reverse direction. This project  can likewise be utilized as a part of any public transport/trains to count the number of travelers for monitoring reason.

This project can be improved by interfacing it with a warning framework so that if total  number of occupants in the vehicle exceeds the traveler carrying capacity limit then an alarm is produced by the device.


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