By | June 15, 2018


A pressure driven liquid power framework is characterized as a method for control transmission in which moderately incompressible liquid is utilized as the power transmitting media. The basic role of the water driven framework is the exchange of vitality starting with one area then onto the next area and this vitality into helpful work.

The tailstock is the gadget which is utilized as a part of every single traditional machine, the tailstock shaft can move front and back by screw nut component by pivoting the tailstock hand wheel.

yet, here shaft of the tailstock will work by a water-powered circuit or circuit works with Pascal’s law it contains pressure driven chamber gathering with water driven pump and tank. At the point when a pump is pumped the oil will drive the axle forward and when Direction control valve is open the axle will move back consequently


1) We Can penetrate the huge openings specifically, no need of pilot gaps

2) During work is held between focus the weight is consistent

3) We land high weight when the position is holding between focuses, so we get high soundness

4) Quick task

5) No manual power requirement for penetrating


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