By | June 7, 2018
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A pressure driven liquid power framework is characterized as a method for control transmission in which generally incompressible liquid is utilized as the power transmitting media.

Scope& objective

The basic role of the water-powered framework is the exchange of vitality starting with one area then onto the next area and this vitality into helpful work.

Working principle

In this undertaking of the manufacture of HYDRAULIC GREECE GUN FOR INDUSTRIES is utilized to apply the oil on bearing surface in industry, long time past days manual oil firearm is utilized yet it will give just low weight, here high weight is connected over the bearing surface to send the oil to all surface of course which gives the best possible oil between the balls and bearing ring ,Efforts have been taken to demonstrate the way of water-powered liquid as it is connected and discharged. The Hydraulic framework weight can be created as any physical activity which results from a pressure over the Hydraulic framework or pneumatic weight which is produced as air packing remotely can be connected to actuate Hydraulic framework. There is a consistent connection between weight thickness, and volume, According to Bernoulli’s condition. Fluids can be warmed by applying high weight with no outside warmth vitality provided to them. So the particular warmth of any fluid framework which is utilized as a part of the water driven hardware must be all that could possibly be needed to withstand the weight connected over them likewise thickness must be sufficiently high for a smooth transformation of outside weight connected over them to water driven weight.


1. The process utilizes ease vitality source

2. Large machines outlines are not required on the procedure

3. Intricate shapes on the material of low frame capacity can be worked reasonably effectively.

4. It doesn’t require exceptional compose hoses.

5. No additional expertise is required for working this framework.

6. Less demanding support


1. Machining work is extremely muddled.

2. Extremely ponder base required.


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