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Distributed Concurrent and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases

ABSTRACT: Placing critical data in the hands of a cloud provider should come with the guarantee of security and availability for data at rest, in motion, and in use. Several alternatives exist for storage services, while data confidentiality solutions for the database as a service paradigm are still immature. We propose a novel architecture that… Read More »


SECURE AND POLICY-COMPLIANT SOURCE ROUTING Abstract: In the present Internet, between area course control stays slippery; by and by, such control could enhance the execution, unwavering quality, and utility of the system for end clients and ISPs alike. While analysts have proposed various source directing procedures to battle this impediment, there has up to this… Read More »

ASP.NET Project Search Engine Optimization

Abstract: Website streamlining (SEO) is the way toward enhancing the volume and nature of movement to a site from web indexes by means of “regular” (“natural” or “algorithmic”) query items. For the most part, the prior a site is displayed in the query items, or the higher it “positions,” the more searchers will visit that… Read More »